NOV. 2015-FEB. 2016 

TRE(1) Achievements by Trainees:

  1.  8 blind students participated in different sports events organized by Delhi State Para Athletic Meet (Paralympic Committee of Delhi at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium on 27th and 28th Feb, 2016. 
  2. Won 2 gold medals in Shot put & Discus throw, 1 gold, 1 silver & 1 bronze in Race.


(2) Employments/Researches for job mapping and internship opportunities for visually impaired


  1. A blind trainee of the centre `Ajay was provided an internship with Chintals Real Estate Company as a customer care executive on stipend basis.
  2. After conducting a Job mapping study in November 2015 in an export house `APPT, one blind girl `Anuradha had been assigned on trials in packaging department. Based on satisfactory performance, she was placed by the company.
  3. `Self Employment project for PWDs- The report for the first phase of the research project `Self Employment opportunities in rural areas for persons with disabilities has been completed. In the first phase of the study, identification of the areas where pwds are there, their training needs, suitable trades for group employment/self employment and the probable resource centres has been done. Plans are there to support these areas with employment oriented trainings for PWDs in next phase.
  4. Cafes for Internships/exposure of VI Trainees-Blind research trainee girls identified 25 cafes in Delhi for exposure and internships for café management training trainees at the centre. A visit to `Barista was organized for the café management trainees’ girls. Later a faculty from `Barista conducted a capacity building workshop in café running for the blind girls at the centre.
  5. Groceries & Pharmaceutical companies for internships/exposure of VI Trainees-Blind research trainees identified 20 online groceries companies and 15 pharmaceutical companies in order to explore internships and jobs for VI.
  6. Eye banks and Blood Banks for internships/exposure of VI-Calls were made to around 78 blood banks and eye banks in order to identify job opportunities for VI as computer operators or calling executives.
  7.  Job mapping in `Peempro Export House– Job mapping exercise for VI was undertaken in an export house. One of the job trainee `Farida Bano has been placed an intern there in department to be followed by her employment in the same company base on her satisfactory performance.
  8. Task profiling of the packing unit of a garment manufacturing has been done for VI.
  9. Success stories of 17 girls with VI were made to showcase their work in their different areas of expertise, primarily to work on a booklet for employers with an objective to enhance more opportunities by way of sensitizing different employers.
  10. Tracking of ex trainees and other persons with Visual impairment looking for jobs was undertaken. 70 trainees expressed readiness for employments.
  11. k Tracking of schools/institutes working for persons with disabilities has been undertaken in order to revive computer based training for their students.

(3) Centre’s Representations:pic 5e1-army cant visit

NAB India Centre was represented by Ms. Shalini Khanna (Hony. Secy.), also a member on Sector skill council for PwDs, and also the Dy. Director and Asst Director with participation in:

  1. the consultation meetings for `Accessible India Campaign (to be launched on Dec 3, 2015) during Nov 2015.
  2. consultation meeting at Socio Economic Development Foundation (SEDF), FICCI to make a blue print of `Accessibility Index’ for companies to facilitate employments of PWDs, in November 2015.
  3. a talk at AMITY University, NOIDA on `Empowerment of Women with disability at a two days national seminar from Nov 21-22, 2015.
  4. a talk at a panel for a two day conference on `Empowerment of Women With Disability by National Commission for Women at Vigayan Bhawan on Dec 2 & 3, 2015.
  5. `Equality+20 Conference on the invitation of American India Foundation at India Habitat Centre on Dec 2, 2015.

(4) New Trainings Initiatives:



  1. Training in `Banking & Other Competitive Exams Preparation has been started for the blind aspirants to crack for Govt Jobs at the centre from Dec 6, 2015. 
  2. Trainings in `Café Management and Shop Running respectively have been started at the centre from Dec 2015 in order to maximize the employment opportunities of VI in diverse careers. 
  3. In order to benefit more number of blind girls sitting idle in other hostels of Delhi, 4 staff members undertook an assessment visit of 4 hostels with an objective to provide employment oriented trainings to their doorstep on Dec 14, 2015. The plan is to start the trainings at these locations in January 2016.

 (5) Capacity Building Workshops & Events for blind students:


  1. 2 on the job blind trainees and 1 staff member attended two day workshop on `Leadership building for the advocacy of blindness (organized by Sense International) on Nov 27 & 28, 2015.
  2. Handicraft trainees of the centre hold stalls for the sale of handicraft products made by them at Leela Hotel Gurgaon and Gargi College before Diwali. Both these stalls fetched good sales and marketing exposures for the girls. Also, good sale proceeds out of handicraft products were registered from orders of Taj Mehal Hotel & Scottish International High School in Nov.
  3. A staff and students picnic was organized with the help of our donors at a farm house on 14th Jan 2016. Students participated in fun filled events like races, Musical chair etc and won prizes.
  4. Around 30 students participated in an event whereby devices useful for independent mobility were distributed to them (on Jan 16, 2015).
  5. 4 staff members with 30 blind students visited Army Cant to see exhibition of Arms & Ammunition used by forces on Jan 23, 2016 (in association with `Volunteers for the blind).
  6. 4 staff members with 30 blind girls visited Delhi Arts Gallery for Indian Art Fair on Jan 30, 2016. The fair had this time included the concept of `Accessible Arts for blind persons. Braille literature was circulated and tactile expression of Sculptures and different surfaces of paintings were available to touch for the blind participants.
  7. 20 visually impaired students and staff members of the center were facilitated with smart phones and tablets (in association with NAB, R.K. Puram, Delhi) followed by respective trainings on these devices on Feb 5th and 6th, 2016.

(6) Staff Development Workshops:


  1. A 2 days workshop on `Cloth Sandle Making was organized for the `Handicraft Unit on 15th & 16th Dec, 2015. The resource person was a Japaneese Researcher (Arts & Crafts), Ms. Madori.
  2. 2 Staff Members attended a 2 days workshop on `Low Vision, its assessment and empowerment at Saksham School NOIDA on 29th & 30th Dec, 2015.
  3. Volunteer Management Programme: The centre received the support from various schools/institutes/colleges/corporate in terms of volunteers as under.

(7). Sensitization & Awareness Building Programmes:


  1. Around 40 blind girls and staff members participated in `Walk for Freedom at India Gate on World Disability Day i.e. Dec 3, 2015.
  2. Around 15 blind girls gave an awareness building play `Asli Aazadi at India Habitat Centre on December 5, 2015 (invitation by VSO, Delhi). The play targeted at the issues like lack of awareness, the role of rehabilitation after blindness and empowerment.
  3. Leadership visit from American India Foundation, America took place on 29th Jan, 2016 at the centre. The top leaders of AIF were sensitized towards the rehabilitation and empowerment process for VI by way of simulation exercises followed by the visit of the centre.
  4. 9 staff members and 101 students of Shri Ram School visited in different groups to the centre to sensitize themselves about the limitation of visual impairment and rehab process
  5. 02 staff members and 03 students from Praxis Institute for Participatory Practice visited the center for an interaction with the students on 19th Feb, 2016. The theme was `Communication methods by Persons with Visual Impairment.
  6. Two staff members from the centre gave a talk on `Massage training and employment opportunities for students of Saksham-Daksh School in Noida on Feb 27, 2016.