Testimonials & Services

  • 1 Ivan Nutbrown, Action Village India

    Thank you for allowing us to see this inspiring work training visually impaired women in a wide range of skills. It is very good to know that such an organisation exists and i will make sure our partners are aware of this work

  • 2 Meenakshi Dhande,

    Thank you from all of us from Standard Chartered Bank for giving us an excellent opportunity for interacting with these young and talented girls! We were touched to see their love/affection and it gave us an insight into these the lives of these sweet girls! It has also inspired us to look for ways and means to sensitize people and help them educate visually impaired.

  • 3 Tania Malik, Samara Malik, Nikita Gambhir,

    So impressed by your wonderful facility and all the work that goes into making the visually impaired well rounded, contributing members of the community. Thank you.