Training Programmes

The Centre has developed training programmes for skill building & employability enhancement of both educated and uneducated blind girls who come to the Centre for better job opportunities.


  1. Computer Training– Basic and Advanced Computer Course 
  2. Handicraft Training- Trainees are trained in making candles, diyas, chocolate making, tokris, jewellery and other items to gain employment in export houses and to start their own  self employment initiatives. 
  3. Massage and Spa Training– Trainees are trained in different kinds of therauptic massages and spa treatments. 
  4. Training in Research & Studies (Computer Based)- The NAB Centre started this training  to empower blind girls with the right kind of aptitude for researches and studies.


Front Desk/ Reception Handling Training (Computer Based) 


Café Management Training- The trainees are imparted training to run and manage a Café. It     will help in creating avenues for visually impaired women in self employment by making them entrepreneurs in the long run. 


Life Skills Training- This training is imparted to around 40-50 blind girls indifferent batches every year in the following areas: 

  1. Mobility and orientation training – the girls are trained to become mobile and independent. They are also taught self defense techniques to enable them to move about freely anywhere, even by public transport. 
  2. Braille literacy – The visually impaired girls are taught Braille to access information and move a step ahead towards literacy 
  3. Home Management – training in housekeeping, shopping, cooking etc helps the girls to live an independent existence and thereby manage their homes successfully

 Personality Development through Social Skills Workshops, Exposure Trips,Adventure Sports and Self Defence. Physical grooming, dressing sense, table manners, social etiquettes and sex education workshops are conducted for the girls who come from backward areas and are not literate.